Corporate intranet implementation and business process automation using Nintex workflow and Forms.

Development and implantation of Financing Processes Automation over SharePoint Platform.

SharePoint implementaion and development of Procurement process automation and integration.

Qlikview is a business discovery platform which allows the decision makers to have better insight and find hidden value inside their organization.

High-performance analytics platform

See the whole story. In-memory indexing automatically builds and maintains all data relationships from multiple sources for unrestricted exploration.

Self-service visualization

Become empowered. Drag-and-drop smart visualizations provide an easy way to explore data and create your own personalized stories.

Guided analytics

Optimize all of your business operations. Build an app that guides others in exploring and using data for more informed decision making.

Embedded analytics

Create limitless possibilities. Use open and standard platform APIs to embed rich analytics into other web pages and applications.

Application Development

We deliver custom software that perfictly fits your business needs

Custom Development

Development of custom IT solutions. Thoroughly analyzing your business needs and industry and product requirements, we deliver tailored cost-competitive, scalable and robust solutions.

Out Sourcing

Development outsourcing services to leading companies around the globe. We focus on custom-fit, flexible solutions to address your time-sensitive requirements.

System Integration

Planning, constructing, integrating and maintaining heterogeneous enterprise applications in large and complex environments

IT Consultation

Apply the best practices, solutions and technologies available today and match them with our customer's requerments

Machine Learning

Make use of the state-of-the-art solutions of machine learning. We offer in cooperation with TAHATEK data analysis and decision support for data-driven business.

Analysis, Design & Development of several projects for PALTEL

Neaurfeedback management system which allows patient to conduct treatment sessions in clinic or from home.

Software development outsourcing services for several projects using ASP MVC4 Technology

Reverse engineering and rebuilding a web-based costing management module.


YOUMI is a multi-platform and multi-lingual mobile application targeted towards managing and tracking tasks of employees working in the field. YOUMI is very easy and simple to use by end users of different educational backgrounds.

Further, DTM is very effective and accurate in generating reports and calculating employees’ efficiency, it has the ability to work offline when there is no connection to Internet.

The application has a backend component for the company’s administrative team to add and assign tasks for the field worker and to receive status of each task. The backend application has a set of reports and indicators to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the service delivered and each employee.


A smashing game That is like no other it takes the smashing experience to a whole new level with a lot of challenging levels and many weapons to fight those smart and aggressive bugs.

X-Bugs Story begin when a mistake in a genetic experiment was made in Dr. X laboratory. Such a mistake may change the world we know, else if you decided to take this mission of saving the world and beating the evil genetically mutated bugs. As you get more experienced in the game the bugs will –level by level- adapt and become stronger and faster too.


An Online Social, entertaining, exciting, and educational game that takes you through the History of the most holy place for the Muslim World, allowing you to build the city yourself walking through the actual stages and the main milestones in different eras.

Azkari | اذكاري

A well Designed Arabic content application with an attractive interface that makes reading daily remembrances a lot easier and

Azkari lists all remembrances in the order by which they were received from Prophet Mohammad –Peace Be Upon Him- and as being introduced in the well-known booklet ‘HISSN AL-MUSLIM.’.

It also helps to track praises through demonstrating Al- Masbaha, which is capable of viewing records as well as tracking the current record to encourage you to do more.


A mobile Library that was developed for Almanarah Association in Nazareth to allow the people who are blind, visually impaired, or reading disabled in order to be able to read “listen” books, documents, or any general interest in audio through their smartphones. The application is simple, easy to learn, and fun to use gestures to let those people physically interact with the items on screen. The application is available for IOS and Android based devices.

Create Intelligent Maps & Apps

We provide geospatial tools and services for managing data and building applications

GIS Application Development

GIS Mobile Applications

Data Creation


Municipal Spatial Management System (MADINATI) for four Municipalities in Westbank.

Design, development and integration of a GIS Based Electricity Network and Assets management System.

Web based GIS portal for managing and viewing all NGOs and projects executed in Westbank and Gaza.

Delivery and implementation of a GIS based vehicle tracking and management system.


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